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E5 – BBC partners with Twitter, PVoD & The eSports Network

June 06, 2017

In this episode we discuss BBC looking to Twitter to reach youth. Premium movie releases, The future of TV and Wearables, The state of the Internet, A-League comes to Ten and I have special guest Joel Collie from eSports Network.

(Recorded: Thursday 6th June, 2017).

Segment 1 – BBC to reach youth via Twitter
Segment 2 – Would you pay a premium to watch a new release in your home at the same time as its cinema release?
Segment 3 – Future of TV add ons and wearables
Segment 4 – The State of the Internet. The central factor in this new media landscape.
Segment 5 – Ten takes on more sport with the A-league.
Segment 6 – eSports and a new Australian eSports Network
– Special Guest Joel Collie 

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